Friday, October 3, 2008

No Escape

The following is a story written by my friend Mandy O'Fleming and me while we were bored at work one day....(which is pretty much everyday...) We went back and forth, each writing a paragraph at a time. Enjoy.

There once was a young girl who lived by the sea. You would think she loved it, because who wouldn't love to wake up to the waves crashing on the rocks or the salty sea air? Well, unfortunately for her, the waves always crashed before the sun rose, meaning she was awake long before she wanted to be. She longed to feel pavement under her feet instead of sand between her toes. But she was stuck. Her grandfather was mean-spirited and didn't let her go anywhere, claiming he needed her to help around the house.

Every morning before the rest of the world woke, she dreamed of how to make her wish of city life real. She knew she could not run away because Grandfather, though mean-spirited, had high powered friends in the hushed sea shore mafia and knew she needed an even more brilliant plan of escape. Though this sweet young girl dreamed often of flowers and love - her thoughts now became sadistic as the plot unraveled at early dawn.

What could one girl do against the harshness of her grandfather plus his evil friends in the sea shore mafia? Her thoughts ran like gears in her head, thinking, churning, and each idea having both pros and cons. They turned to items in the house, items she could possibly use as weapons. Her main obstacle was Grandfather, who's bedroom was right next to the door and he was a light sleeper, meaning he heard every move she made, even though her room was upstairs and at the end of the hallway. Whatever plan she came up with had to be fool-proof.

Grandfather had a suspicion that something was happening to his granddaughter. She was being sneaky and keeping things from him. He was afraid that she would grow up and want more than this beautiful home he had provided. He started to worry that she would find the secret box of letters that he had hid from her. You see all these years she had thought that her parents were killed in a car accident, but that was not the case at all. Her mother double crossed him and he had her "taken out" though he could not go as far as wiping her from the face of the Earth. It was an elaborate scheme and one he was able to hide from the precious little girl. What if his fears were true? Did she know something? What was she thinking? Something had to be done. He started thinking....

Early in the mornings before Grandfather was awake, as quietly as she could, she slipped down into the kitchen and grabbed supplies for her trip. She wanted to be ready as soon as the time came to escape. She had a bag in her bedroom underneath a floorboard filled already with as much food as possible without him becoming suspicious of the disappearing items. She was also in the process of filling a small bag with clothes and anything else that she may need. She had no idea that her grandfather was becoming suspicious of her actions.

While she continued her plans of escape, He continued his plans of sabotage. He could not have her find out that her parents were still alive and thought she would never find those letters that he buried in a yellowed pillowcase below one of the floor boards in her room. As she continued to sneak food she found that she could not put anymore food in the space because something was blocking the way. She thought nothing about it and imagined it was the uneven foundation that the house was made on. She continued planning. While she was planning she could not have imagined what was to come.

Finally the day arrived. By some miracle, Grandfather was out of the house. Frantically she lifted the floorboard and pulled out her traveling bags, the one w/ food and the one w/ clothes and other items. As she reached in to make sure she had everything, her fingers brushed across what felt like paper. She grabbed whatever it was and pulled, but it was caught on something. She heard her door creak open. She looked up, her hand still in the floorboard, and stared at her grandfather standing in the door frame.

Imagining that his worst fear has come true right in front of his eyes, he panicked. He took out an epidermal needle that he carried around with him from his back pocket. Lunging at his granddaughter, needle in hand, he caught her in the throat. She moaned as she came to and realized what was happening. She knew now that whatever was stuck in the floor board was something he was desperately trying to hide. He would even kill her before he would let her find out. What in the world was worth all that she thought? She was slipping in and out of consciousness at this point and her last thought before the fog came over her was terrifying.

Her grandfather would never let her leave the house alive. She was trapped in the house of horror, and some weird drug was running through her system. She tried to focus, but her eyes would cross and she would get dizzy. She couldn't even think of standing upright, much less starting a new plan. She could hear Grandfather pacing downstairs, and wondered what he might be up to. The doorbell rang.

Grandfather paced and paced until that door bell rang. It was his friends that he had summoned. He needed his granddaughter to be gone like her parents, but this time gone meant dead. He could not chance her ever finding out, but he could also not have her blood upon his hands. The men sat downstairs hashing out their plan. Then the plan was done. The men went upstairs and dragged her into the bathroom where they cut her body in pieces so small that they could have fed her remains to the fish. That is just what they did. The young girl had met her end. Her grandfather walked up to the bedroom where he had last seen her and saw that the letters had blanketed the floor. His secret was out, but she never got a chance to ask why. Overcome that his plan had been executed and the secret still managed to get out, he took a lethal dose of cyanide. No one ever heard from him again and no one ever asked what became of the little girl.

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