Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Christmas Story

Every Christmas I get more and more toys. And more and more! It's never ending. I have two rooms on the third floor just filled with all of my toys. Every Christmas I tell Mom and Dad, listen, I don't want anymore toys. I have too many. It's ridiculous! And Dad peeks over his newspaper and Mom sets down her tea cup and they chuckle at me. "Oh, Johnny, don't be silly."

They don't think I'm serious. But I am. There is a point where it gets to be just too much! I can't even find half of the toys that I had last year. And none of my friends want them either. They have almost as many, if not more, toys than I have! They think I'm crazy, though, to not want anymore. They have lists as tall as I am of what they want for Christmas this year. Know what's on my list? Nothing! Not that that will stop Mom and Dad, though.

So what to do? I go outside and sit on my sled. There's not much snow out here. The grass is poking through the thin layer of white. The runners on my sled are sinking into the wet ground. I sit and I think. The cool breeze makes my cheeks red.

Suddenly I see movement in the bushes by the fence. Just a little rustle of the leaves, but enough to catch my notice. "Hello?" I call out. No answer. I creep a bit closer to the fence. I'm a little nervous, but excited too. I love adventures. I peek in between the cold steel bars and try to see through the leaves, but all I see is the black pavement of the road in front of our house. "Hello?" I try again.

A splash of blue catches my eye. I'm really not allowed to leave the yard without someone watching me, but I slip through the steel bars anyway. I'm just going to the bushes to see what the blue is. It's a piece of cloth, like if a shirt had been caught in the branches. All of a sudden, an idea comes to me.

I run inside and up the stairs to the third floor. I enter the first room and grab the first toy in my reach. It's a toy drum, complete with drumsticks attached to the side, painted yellow and green on the side. I think I might have played with it once. Carrying it in my arms, I run back down the stairs and outside and through the front gate. Again, just going to the bushes. I set the drum on top of the bushes, and then sneak back to sit on my sled.

I don't wait for very long. While I sit, I see a pair of small hands, smaller than mine, reach up and grab the drum on both sides. It disappears. After a few minutes, I peek around the fence and the bush and see nothing. The drum and the hands are gone.

I smile as I realize a way to get rid of most of the toys in the rooms on the third floor. I run inside, this time stopping in the kitchen and grabbing a garbage bag from under the sink. The cook laughs at me in my hurry. Upstairs, I stuff as many toys as I can carry into the bag, and lug it back downstairs and outside. I step outside of the fence, and start lining the toys up on top of the bushes. More drums and scooters and waterguns and boxes of Legos and games...Once everything is lined up, I head inside to watch some cartoons. During the first commercial, I peek out the front window, and every toy is gone! I can't believe it!

I run back upstairs, my cartoons forgotten, and throw more toys inside the garbage bag. I am more selective this time, making sure that I save the toys that I do play with for me. I make about 10 more trips, back and forth, back and forth. Finally all the toys are gone that I don't need, leaving only the few toys that I do play with.

Later that night, Mom and Dad are watching the news. Usually I think news is boring, but one of the stories caught my ear. It was about how one of the shelters in the neighborhood all of a sudden have a whole bunch of new toys. They seemed to just appear on top of the bushes of a very prominent house. They showed a picture of the bushes outside our fence and Mom and Dad look at each other, eyebrows raised.

And then, they look at me, smiles on their faces.

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