Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Lovely Bones

by Alice Sebold

This book always intrigued me. I would pass by it in the bookstore, scanning the fiction section, and always hesitate when I reached this title. I finally bought it and satisfied my curiosity. It was completely different than what I expected. It actually reminded me a lot of the book "Peony in Love" by Lisa See, another story about a girl who died at a young age and watched over the lives of the living.

But unlike "Peony in Love", I did not enjoy this book. An abstract painting is how I would describe it. There were parts that made no sense to me, even looking at the big picture. It's like seeing the shapes of a modern painting and not really understanding how they all fit together. It starts out as something you want to look at for either aesthetic or educational purposes, but then as you really look, there's nothing there anymore and is just a jumble of colors and shapes.

The characters were distant and cold, no one that I could really relate to. And not just because of the tragedy that they endured; they just really didn't seem like actual people. I realize it's a fictional novel, but when I read I like to absorb myself in the characters and feel them emotionally. When that happens, I know I really love a book. This one kept me at a distance and reminded me with every page turn that it's just a story.

I almost hate to enter this as my second post on this review blog because it is a bit negative. I will have some positive reviews here, too, I promise! And please remember, these are only my opinions. I strongly urge you to read these novels and decide for yourself whether or not you like them. Any time spent curled on a couch with a good book is a good time!

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