Thursday, July 16, 2009

Foul Play

by Janet Evanovich

When I've read a lot of heavy books that require thought and reflection, I like to take a break once in a while and read some fluff. For that, I usually turn to JK Rowling, Jennifer Crusie, or Janet Evanovich. This time Janet was my author of choice, and I usually crack open one of her excellent Stephanie Plum novels, but this time one of her romance novels caught my eye at the library the other day. So I grabbed it, walked home, and settled on the couch for a good read.

I was enjoying the book, relaxing, and laughing at some of the antics of the characters, until I got close to the end, when the girl leaves. She just leaves. She's supposed to be this strong, independent woman, and, yes, a lot of things have happened that cause stress, but instead of sticking it out and standing up to her problems, she gives up and leaves. I was extremely disappointed. And then the guy has to go get her and bring her back home. And that's the end. Really?! That's definitely not how Stephanie Plum would handle things! It just seemed like a lot of anticipation for an anticlimactic ending.

I was surprised. Janet usually entertains me throughout her entire novels and I feel satisfied once I turn the last page. But this one I don't recommend. Maybe it's one of her first books and she's just getting used to things. I'll still read her in the future (in fact, I'm excited for #15 in the Stephanie Plum series!), but I'm happy to put this one down and turn back to more serious reading.

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