Saturday, September 12, 2009


Honey. Sweetheart. My love. Sweetie. Baby. Dear. Darling.


Do families really use those disgusting nicknames to speak to each other? Really? If my mother came up to me and said, "Honey, did you clean your room?" I would gag. My family was never the type to use annoying pet names to address relatives. Oh, don't get me wrong, we love each other, and we get along (most of the time), but we didn't feel the need to express our emotions through overused monikers.

My parents were some of the lucky few who have never divorced. They've been married now almost 25 years, and though they may have thought about leaving at one point or another (like the time my older sister decided to break all the eggs in the fridge all over the kitchen floor and skate barefoot til it dried a crusty yellow), they stuck it out. And in all that time I have never once heard my father call my mom "Baby". I think she'd laugh in his face.

If my parents were ever to call me or any of my siblings by these labels, it'd probably go something like this:

"Darling, get your damn hands out of the toilet bowl!"

"Sweetheart, get off the coffee table before you break it!"

"Dearest, put the TV down, no you are not going to watch TV outside!"

See. Ridiculous. I get confused just thinking about it.

We have names. We were named for a reason. It just seems silly to use something else to talk to us. Though I must admit, since there are five of us, Mom and Dad do seem to get our names mixed up. "Joey-Eliz-Kath-Matt-Lindsay get down here!" And we'll be watching TV in the playroom and look at each other, not sure to whom they actually want to yell.

But it works for us. I guess some families apparently need the nicknames to prove they care about each other. For us, though, if we're not getting yelled at for one thing or another then that's when we get concerned. And believe me, I prefer yelling over being called "Honey".


  1. Lol. I disagree. I think saying, "honey", "buddy", "Dear", etc. reminds us to be a little more gentle when something annoys us. I recognized that they can be misused and overused. I think my favorite nickname was the one my dad used for me when I was little. He would call me a pumpkin when I was good and squash when I was contrary. Sometimes he'd ask me which one I was going to be. (jokingly of course.)

    Common phrases I have encountered while growing up in Minnesota: Sweat Pea (my Uncle's favorite), honey, snikelfritz (sp?), squirt, bud, buddy, and Lady Jane. Sometimes they're annoying, like when they're being used by carnival workers. However, given in the context of my family, I don't mind.

  2. hahahaha...sounds kind of familiar..writing a family memoir? ;)