Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Fence

Tiny, tiny wooden splinters pierced my skin as I slowly, futilely ran my hands down the fence wall. The light tan of the wood burned into my eyes and through them to my brain as I stared at it, trying to bore a hole with the power of my gaze. The wood was not giving up that easily, and I leaned my hot forehead against its cool structure. I welcomed the pain in my palms proving to me that, yes, I am a sentient being. A sentient being trapped within a wooden fence of her own making. I sucked in a deep breath, inhaling the pine scent along with a few dust mites, making me sneeze. The sneeze forced a shiver down my spine, and goosebumps rose along my arms.

I kneeled on the icy grass, green stains forming on the knees of my jeans. My legs cramped, being in that position for much longer than I can even remember. A cold sweat formed on my skin, and, wiping my face with my hand, I created a dirty streak on my face that stretched from ear to ear. My hair stuck to me, matting itself to my head. I switched positions from knees to butt and leaned my back against the hard wood, pulling my knees up to my chest.

This fence would not let me go willingly, unless I took the actions necessary to break down the walls. Actions I did not want to take.

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