Monday, September 28, 2009


by Nina Malkin

Everywhere you turn there's a new story about a vampire. They seem to be all the rage lately, even more than when "Buffy" was on TV and "Interview with a Vampire" was the go-to movie in theatres. So it's refreshing to crack open a novel about a different type of fantastical creature- a ghost. None of this "I vant to suck your blood"; instead we get "I want revenge on your entire town for murdering my love!" Which, in my opinion, is a bit more exciting...

I am an admitted word-whore, and I love seeing rare words. This book was chock-full of them. Ms. Malkin definitely has an extensive vocabulary and has put it to good use. She leads the reader through the story using alliteration, colorful images, and unconventional jargon. The images conjured in my head were clear and concise and each character jumped out of the page and appeared almost as ghosts themselves. In reading the novel, I felt as though it was playing right in front of my eyes.

The story itself had me hooked through to the end. Adventurous, romantic, mysterious, with a bit of the magical thrown in. The typical ghost story is taken to a whole new level when the ghost is given special powers. It was taken pretty far to the extreme, but in a good way, almost as if testing to see how far it could go. How much can a ghost get away with in order to conclude his unfinished business? And how does it affect those around him? I loved reading this story, anticipating where Sin, Dice, and Pen would end up next.

The one thing I will warn you about is that it does get a bit risque. I really must have attended an incredibly tame high school, or maybe I was more out of the loop than I thought, but teenagers that I knew were not such licentious druggies. Doing Ecstasy? Having orgies? Really? In a tiny Connecticut town? That may be stretching it a bit...

With that in mind, pick it up. Give it a read. Take a break from the blood-suckers and see what happens when ghosts take over.

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