Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane...

I'm looking through my old Yahoo notes and finding a few old gems....enjoy....

The River

The river flowed on ahead of them. They stood and
watched it for a few seconds, wondering if they should
follow. The greenish-blue water turned white as it
crashed into the rocks on the banks. Tall evergreens
loomed up on either side, and in the distance, as the
river snaked farther and farther away, jagged
mountains rose from the horizon.

It was these mountains that worried them. The very
peaks were encased in dark clouds that looked ready to
consume the entire valley. These mountains, these
unknown, possibly dangerous, extremely risky mountains
were their destination. But, they considered, what
happens if they just stay behind? Here, in the safety
of the warm forest and the comfort of the rushing
water? Would that be so bad?

As if in impatience, the little rowboat pushed itself
an inch further into the water. She watched as he ran
to catch it before it was lost down the current. He
pulled it up onto the shore and rejoined her. She
looked at him.

Staying meant nothing changed. They remained exactly
where they were, exactly the same people they have
always been. Staying meant that no risks were taken.
But on the other hand, leaving meant something new.
An adventure. And one can’t have an adventure without
risks, can they.

She hesitantly stepped toward the boat. At the very
edge of the wood, she stopped and looked back at him,
determination in her eyes. She took in everything
around her, as if to memorize it. She turned, sat in
the boat and picked up an oar.

When she didn’t hear any movement behind her, she used
the oar to push the boat off of the bank of the river.
It glided slowly into the water and the current
pushed it toward the ominous mountains. Without a
glance behind her, she steeled herself for the journey

A loud splash startled her, and she looked behind her.
He had jumped into the water and was pushing through
the rough water to get to her. Using the oars, she
stopped the boat and waited for him to join her. He
climbed in, and together they headed to the future
that awaited them.


20-27, with a minute left in the fourth quarter. The Falcons are in the lead, but, the way things look to Scott Jenkins taking a breather on the bench, if he doesn't get out there soon, it won't stay that way. He gulped down his water. Cheers erupt from the other side of the field as the Lions score. Mr. Wilson runs over to Scott and claps him on the back.

'Okay, son, go out there and kick some butt!' The coach waves number 32 off the field and Scott sprints in to take his place.

Okay, concentrate, Scott thinks as he takes his place behind the quarterback.

The quarterback laterals the ball to Scott. Seeing imminent danger, he takes a few steps to the left and hurtles the ball to a receiver 25 yards away. As soon as the ball leaves his hands, he feels the 200 pound body of the opposing linebacker ram into his side. With a grunt, they both hit the ground. Good thing I'm padded, Scott thinks with another groan. The Lion team-member rolls off of him and gets to his feet. Scott follows suit and squints his eyes to try and see to the other end of the field. Loud, screaming cheers and a short buzz tells him what he wants to know-- the Falcons scored and won the game.

Character Sketch

man, 30's-ish, very casually dressed (jeans and a jean jacket), carrying around a tennis raquet with no strings. why?


if we live in a so-called "age of individuality", then why does everybody want to dress the same way as everybody else? we all buy the same clothes from the same stores. even the people who claim to be different-- goths, etc-- still all dress the same with dyed hair and all black clothes. how can we be individuals if we strive to be the same as others? when i'm rich, i'm going to still shop in the same stores that i do now, and i'm going to buy what i like. not what i think others will like, but what i like. this really bothers me that people are like this. i see the same scarf everywhere, the same coats, the same shoes...and anyone who actually dares to step outside the norm is looked down upon. well, i for one am sick of it. what does it matter? hell, i'm looked down upon for working in a cafe, much less not dressing like everyone else. i think i need to get out of customer service...

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