Thursday, March 11, 2010

Possible pyramid scene

A whirl of desert sand flurried around the tents as a Jeep roared into the excavation site. A tall, leggy blond woman stormed out of the driver's seat and set her sights on Mac, who was just about to enter the pyramid with Jack. The second Jack's eyes landed on the blond, he retreated back to his own tent. Mac, who had been in the middle of a sentence, looked over to see why Jack disappeared. He froze when he saw the blond bearing down on him.

Amelia watched the scene in wonder. Mac was usually the one towering over his archeologists, a perfectionist who accepted no excuses for any errors, and here he was cowering under the glare of a pretty face. The blond was dressed as though she was going on safari, which made Amelia giggle under her breath. The safari hat on the woman's head wobbled as she unleashed her wrath on the poor director.

Amelia took a step to get closer so that she could eavesdrop on the conversation, but a hand on her arm stopped her. She looked over to see Caleb shaking his head.

"Who is that?" She asked him. Sam came over to stand next to her and started taking pictures.

"Sam, stop that," Caleb said irritably. "That's Lydia Whitmore, the woman who's financing all of this. This must be serious. She usually doesn't leave her comfy veranda in Cairo to grace us with her presence."

"Why is she paying for this?"

Caleb shrugged. "Who knows. She's a widow, and her husband was some sort of investment banker or stock broker or something money-related. He left her enough to fill an ocean. So, short of burning it for kindling, she's giving it to us."

Mac's and Lydia's voices became loud enough for the threesome to hear the high pitched shrill of the woman's shrieking. Mac's deep baritone followed, then he took her arm and led her into his tent.

"Show's over," Caleb said. "Let's get into the pyramid and see what waits for us today."

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