Thursday, June 10, 2010

Montana Sky

by Nora Roberts

Can a person's taste in books change like taste buds do every seven years? I used to enjoy romance novels; my roommate in college had a few and I'll admit that I read them. They're great stress relievers.

This one, though, bothered me for many reasons. The first of which, but not the most important, being that Lily, who was in an abusive marriage and recently got out of it and filed a restraining order against her ex, meets and marries someone within 9 months. I would think that an abusive relationship would make her more traumatized and more apt to be cautious when entering a new relationship.

Another irritant were her other two sisters, Willa and Tess. They, of course, fell in love with the other two hot guys in the novel, but they also learned something from them. And in return, the guys learned...oh, wait, they didn't learn anything. Aren't relationships about give and take? Learning from each other to become better people? The men, apparently, were perfect, while the women had much to learn. (It's hard to convey sarcasm in a blog...)

I'm also not a fan of points of view changing from paragraph to paragraph. I don't mind if it changes after a scene or after a chapter, but not within paragraphs. It gets too confusing when you're trying to figure out what the characters are thinking or feeling. Too much bouncing around.

This book paralleled the other book about three sisters living on (or near) a ranch that I read earlier, "True Colors". I was hoping that this one would rate a little above that one, but I'm not so sure. The characters were a bit deeper, and the mystery of the murderer helped to hold my interest, but overall the little details about the women and about relationships bugged me. I'm hoping I haven't lost my taste for romances, because some can be quite entertaining!

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