Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spies? Nah...

Knocking on the door didn't work. Jumping up and down outside of the office windows didn't work. Banging so hard on the glass that it almost shatters beneath my fists didn't work. And yet, just as I give up and take a step away, a short woman with round, tortoise-shell glasses pokes her head out of the door.

"Excuse me," she says, very nicely. "But this is an office. Do you mind keeping it down out here?"

Are you kidding me? Refraining from throwing the box in my hands at her head, I thrust it towards her and say in my most saccharine voice, "Oh, I do so apologize, but this seems to have been delivered to my office instead of yours."

She looks down at the large cardboard package and her eyes widen, almost bigger than the frames of her glasses. She grabs the box from my hands and looks at me sternly, as though it's my fault that the mailman gave it to my company instead of hers.

"This belongs to us! Did you open it?"

Startled at her harsh reaction, I step back. "Uh, no, why--wha--huh?"

Glaring at me as though she were Medusa, she retreats back into her office and the door slams behind her. I stare at the door, trying to process what just happened. Giving up, I turn to head back to my own office. On the way, my eye catches the name of the company the woman works for.


Wait. What? The CIA? I shake my head. No. They wouldn't be that obvious. Unless, they are counting on us not believing they'd be that obvious and so doing it anyway. Ouch, I'm making my brain hurt. Besides, even though we're in Langley, that doesn't mean every company is the CIA. For Pete's sake, I work for a publishing company, and we're not full of spies. I think....

Back at my desk, I email my friend Mike, the security guard, to find out any information about this new company that just moved into the building. "LOL", he emails back (which is odd because he's at least 70. Didn't think he knew what LOL meant...), "The CIA! Really, Sadie, the actual CIA would not be that obvious. It stands for Corporate Imaging in America. They do marketing and promotion."

Huh. Or that's what they want us to believe.

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