Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

by Stieg Larsson

Yes! I finally laid my hands on this third and final novel of the Millenium Series, thanks to my boss who let me borrow it. I can now back away from the precipice that was the cliff at which he left me hanging after book #2. I know what happens to Lisbeth. Ha! Though I'm sure you do too, since it took me so long to finally read the book...

So...did I like it? Did I hate it? Did I feel indifference toward the fate of Lisbeth and Mikael? I'm sure you're biting your nails and waiting with bated breath at the same time just waiting for my answer. So I'll end your torture. For the most part, I loved it!

Let me clarify. I loved the parts that were the actual story. Stieg kind of got long-winded during some of his explanations; I knew he could be that way from the 1st and 2nd novels, but it seemed more pronounced in this one. When he was explaining the Section and the SIS, it went on forever. He also repeated himself. He felt the need to explain Salander and Zalachenko's situations more than once. I ended up skipping some sections because some policeman or SIS officer was explaining it to yet another policeman or SIS officer and by this time I knew the story backwards and forwards.

But the parts where things were actually happening, I really enjoyed. Ever since the beginning I have loved Lisbeth and her eccentricities. And it was great how Mikael got everyone to rally around her cause and not just assume that she's guilty. I enjoyed the side stories, too, with Berger's stalker and the search for Neidermann. Once events really started going, it was hard for me to put the book down and do my Christmas shopping...

It's nice to finally have the conclusion to this three part series. But it does make me wonder; if Stieg was still alive, would there be more? I'd read more about Lisbeth and Mikael! Can you publish from Heaven? ;)

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