Monday, February 14, 2011

The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins

This trilogy electrified the world of Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the community of readers everywhere. Despite all of the posts and comments about them, I was only semi-curious about the novels when a friend of mine let me borrow them. Now I can't put them down.

I have not read a novel so engrossing in such a long time. The story is so gripping that I took the book everywhere and even if I only had 5 minutes I opened it and read a few paragraphs. It's shocking, mind-boggling, heart-stopping, and almost unbelievable. I say almost because with the way society is headed in our entertainment options, this may actually occur...

I love characters that are tangible. Even though they live in a future that hopefully will never happen, one can relate to them in that they have the same hopes and fears as we do today. Katniss hopes her family will survive, and takes Prim's place as a tribute out of fear for her safety. Peeta's heart goes out to the poor starving girl and gives her bread even through his strict mother's wrath. They have their good points, and their flaws as well, which always make for good characters.

It's just so shocking. To think that the people in power were so blase about setting teenagers against each other to the death. I realize it was to hold fear over their heads because of a rebellion, but these are human beings! The indifference that a lot of them showed made me sad for the society in general.

It is a dark novel that takes using fear as power to a whole new level. I sometimes wonder if the author got the idea for the book from the reality show "Survivor"...But as scary as it was, it's such an interesting story that if you have not read it yet, do so.

P.S...The other two books are just as good! The entire series is amazing and definitely worth reading!

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