Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Historian

Oh, Dracula. How the public loves you these days. You’ve become immortal just by people remembering you! (Which is how the Egyptians like it...) But as much as I blush to admit that I am a tiny fan of Twilight, it’s nice to see a book like The Historian take a more serious, historical approach to the vampire.

The Historian takes us on an adventure all over Europe, from Amsterdam to the south of France to Bulgaria to Istanbul. I absolutely love to travel, and it was nice to not have to worry about a passport as I visited all of these countries in my imagination. I almost don’t have to see them in reality because Ms Kostova does such an amazing job of describing each place and even each culture for the reader.

The mystery of the novel is what intrigued me the most. The main character, the daughter of an historian, is never named, and it sounds almost as though it could be auto-biographical. But that is never explained. Each clue that leads the characters to each city following a man who, logically, should be dead brings with it another historical mystery. I've always loved mystery stories, and history, so the two together kept me hooked.

There were parts of the book where it became bogged down with words. I understand that the characters were mostly scholars and professors with strong educations, but boy they sure can take a story and embellish it. The "Zacharias Chronicles" felt more like a text book than a fictional story, so I had to push through it to get back to the good parts. I think she could have cut the book down at least 200 pages and it still would have been exciting.

Medieval history, the mystery of the vampire, traveling all over the world; this book included so many fantastic elements. So much information was included that it may be a book that I have to read again, just to find out the details I made have missed. If you like vampires and history, pick this one up, but make sure you get comfortable and don't have any plans. ;)


  1. Love. Love. Love this book. Although you already know why I gave it four, instead of five stars. The history mesmerized me, felt like I was there, amid the dusty leather-bound tomes. Just thinking about it gives me the goosebumps. I might've taken Dracula up on his offer, you know? :D