Saturday, June 4, 2011


by Meg Cabot

Greek mythology is so fascinating. The story of Persephone is one that I've always found heartbreaking. The poor girl is kidnapped by Hades and kept in the Underworld for 6 months out of the year, which makes her mother, the goddess of Nature, Demeter, so depressed that the plants die and the world has winter. Meg has taken this sad story and translated it into a modern twist with 17-year-old Pierce Oliviera and death deity John Hayden.

Before I get too into my review, I want to say that I'm a fan of Meg Cabot. In quite a few of her books, she has a unique style of writing. For example, The Princess Diaries is written in, you guessed it, diary form. Every Boy's Got One is written using emails, IM chats, and journal entries. It sounds like it would get choppy, but it doesn't. The writing flows very smoothly, and keeps the reader interested through the whole story. It's a great way of writing a book.

Abandon is written in what people may call "regular" writing - 1st person view of Pierce. But this time, the writing was a bit choppy. She kept going from past to present and then back to past, and it was hard to keep track. I kept having to flip pages back to figure out which time line I was in. Eventually toward the middle it became easier, once the story became more established, but it was a tad annoying until then.

That being said, I loved the storyline. I started reading in a Vienna airport late at night while I was waiting for 5:50 a.m. so I could board my flight, and it kept me occupied for those 6 hours when I couldn't sleep. I had almost finished it by the time my plane touched down in Boston. I almost wanted to stay on the plane a little longer because I was so close to the end! The story is very captivating, Pierce dies, gets a glimpse of the Underworld, and she escapes and comes back to life, and is followed by the consequences of her flight from death. I couldn't put it down! A little bit because I could not get comfortable in the airport waiting area, but mostly because I wanted to know what happens next!

I liked Pierce. She was different from your normal, everyday paranormal characters; she wasn't perfect. Her return to life gave her ADD, so she had trouble in school, and the near-death experience caused a rift in her parents' relationship, so much so that they got a divorce. So on top of these issues, she has a death deity following her around. I liked her sarcasm and humor, and her wish to keep her family and friends from danger. And I liked the ending, the choice the reader knows she's going to make.

I'm already looking forward to reading the second book in the series! I know it's technically for teens, but I have no shame. I'll read anything that catches my interest, and this series definitely did. Thanks for the advance copy, Meg! Now book 2? ;)

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