Monday, June 13, 2011

Best Friends Forever

by Jennifer Weiner


This is your basic chick lit/mystery novel. Fat girl gets thin, gets involved in a questionable situation with her best friend, hot detective follows them around. It was ok, I was going along on the adventure, until the end. I felt that was a bit contrived. I don't really buy what happened with the "bad" guy. He spends 2 nights with an overly religious woman and his minister friend, and all of a sudden he wants to repent? Really?

And for a book entitled "Best Friends Forever", a lot less time was spent with Val and Addie than I expected. It went from Addie's first person point of view to Jordan's third person. I'm not sure why she did that. It was pretty straight forward, but I expected her to stick with Addie the whole time, and I think it would have still worked that way. The story is about the best friends; the detective is just a third party.

The story kept me interested enough to keep me going; I liked Addie and I felt for her during her teenage fat days. The characters felt pretty real and I loved a lot of the descriptions and metaphors the author used. I also enjoyed the dialogue between Addie and Jordan; it was very witty and I was excited to see them get together. I'll admit it, I like chick lit. I think I've admitted it before, actually. I was looking forward to reading this because it's been a while since I've read chick lit and I bought this book at B&N a while ago.

But the ending disappointed me. Not only the "bad" guy wrap up, but it was also awfully convenient for Addie to get pregnant. Jordan wanted a child very badly, and now all of a sudden the woman he's interested in is pregnant, and though it's with another man's baby, the father isn't in the picture. Huh. How nice. This book was missing quite a few creative twists and turns. It was predictable and too easily wrapped up.

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