Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Lightning Thief

by Rick Riordan

I have been a bit MIA lately, and I could blame it on my theatre projects, the fact that I've been a bit under the weather, or some other lame excuse, but the real reason is that I, Katie, have become an addict. Yes, it's true. I just couldn't help it. I should maybe be ashamed, but I'm not because I have become addicted to Percy Jackson.

If you have not picked up these books about the son of Poseidon and his adventures then leave the house right now and go to your local bookstore. Percy is a fun character with a great sense of humor and an even better sense of adventure. Through him, he brings back the Greek gods and their mythology and puts it into modern America. Dare I say that it's up there with Harry Potter?

Other books are piling up on my to-read pile because I just can't put these down. I have zipped through #1 "The Lightning Thief" and #2 "The Sea of Monsters" already, and am in the middle of "The Titan's Curse", #3 in the series. Percy and his friends - other demi-gods, a Cyclops, a satyr, a centaur - travel all over the U.S. in non-stop action; going from the DOA Recording Studio in L.A. (you know, the entrance to the Underworld) to the Bermuda Triangle (the Sea of Monsters, of course) to San Francisco (where the Mountain of Despair is located, duh).

My love of history is absolutely feeding on this treasure trove of Greek mythology. The reader gets to meet the gods themselves...not only Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, but also the bully Ares, the vain Aphrodite, the sly Hermes, and the brave Artemis, and who knows who else will pop up. These are great stories to get kids interested in the ancient myths (oh, did I mention it was a YA series?).

And don't watch the movie. It absolutely does zero justice to how great these books actually are. Normally I don't mind Hollywood changing things here and there, but this time it was too much. Really only about the first 20 pages are the same as the movie, and then the movie goes off on its very own tangent. The adventures in the book are way more thrilling than the ones in the movie.

So, someday I'll be back. After #3, there are still at least 2 more to go, so it may be at least a couple of weeks before you hear from me again. Ok, Percy's calling. Gotta go!

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